Hi There ... Wendi here! 

The club doors are closed and will reopen August 1-5, 2019

Wendi McNeill

The Charli Jane Speakers enrollment has closed to new members. With registration closed, our focus is on our community and teaching.

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Add me to the waitlist, please!

I received 2 more speaking gigs from the speaker list. I’ve booked 5 speaking gigs this year using the speaking leads. FYI 3 are paid; the other 2 I’ve gotten consulting clients from. 

- Daryl Fletcher, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Relationship Expert


"My speaking fee for this presentation alone will justify my Charli Jane membership for many years to come. I just booked a great speaking gig for the International Spa Association (ISPA) conference in Las Vegas in October. I found the lead through my membership in the club.”  

- David Avrin - The Visibility Coach