Marketing For Speakers

Get Found. Get Booked!

Marketing for Speakers Strapped for time? 

Don’t know where to start or how to do it? 

Need some help marketing and promoting your speaking business? Let the Charli Jane team help you!  

You must first be marketable before marketing

I say this to save you time and money. We don’t want you to sign up for this service if you are not ready to be marketed and promoted by Charli Jane Speakers. It can and will be a waste of your money and we really don’t want to do that.  

What do you mean I have to first be marketable?  

We can help market and promote you but the results from this will depend on you, how strong your speaking platform is and how much you want it. It depends on your drive and commitment to growing your speaking business and getting booked.  

This means you will need to have your website in order, have your marketing material ready for the hiring party, respond to inquires quickly, and have a social media presence. Your website must be clear, have a call to action and always have your presentation topics, brief description and the take-away’s for the participants.  

You don’t need to be an author yet, or have obtained any media attention. The basics will do because I believe if you sign on with this service you will want to be sure you have all your ducks in a row and ready for us to market you.  

Think you’re ready? Ok, awesome! Lets move on. 


What is the Marketing for Speakers service?

Marketing for Speakers is a monthly service where we work for you each and every month. You can cancel at any time if you feel its no longer a match. We do recommend giving it a minimum of 3 months because results will vary speaker to speaker.  

What’s all included in the MFS monthly service?

1. Promoted weekly. We promote you on our social media platforms with a brilliant and eye-catching new design every couple of months.  

2. We research your topic/s, find you (3) very topic specific speaking opportunities and submit on your behalf (you supply your information to us) we will review the opportunity with you before submitting. After submission, you will need to follow up.  

Blog post to slideshare

3. Social Media Marketing: We have an eye for what planners like and are attracted to. We will create and design (using your content or other forms) 8 design posts per month that you can post on your social sites. That’s a total of 8 images and each one will be sized accordingly to the platform requirements. (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter)  

4. New Slideshare: Monthly we create a new slideshare from one of your blog posts (read more about this)  

Marketing for Speakers

5. New Videos: Monthly we create (2) new videos from one of your blog posts. You can add your video to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. All videos are under 2 minutes in length (See sample on right)

6. Guest Blogging: We find you two guest blog writing opportunities that would be a good fit. You send us the email content and we will submit it on your behalf  

And More ....

7. Full Speaker Page: You will be added to our 16-year established Speaker directory giving you additional exposure so you can get found and booked  

8. Quick Access: As a Marketing client you will have access to your marketing expert and business growth strategist, Wendi McNeill. All marketing clients have access to Wendi via text, email and FB message  

What is my monthly investment?

Charli Jane Speakers

Normal price: $599

TODAY: $399 per month 

Marketing yourself is time consuming but it needs to be done on a regular basis in order to grow, get found and get hired. 

Speaking opportunities will never land on anyone’s lap without doing some work, without marketing.  

Lets Quickly Recap


1. Promoted weekly on our social media platforms 

2. Submitted to (3) speaking opportunities

3. Social Media: Design 8 posts for 5 platforms 

4. Create (1) new slideshare from one of your blog posts  

5. Create (2) new videos from one of your blog posts 

6. Find you (2) guest blog writing opportunities that would be a good fit

7. Speaker profile in our 16-year established speaker directory 

8. Quick access to your marketing expert and business growth strategist, Wendi McNeill. 

9. Monthly reports  

Get in on this deal today!

We have spots open for new speaker clients! 

We only work with a handful of speakers in this program. If you’re interested hurry before all the spots are gone!

Looking forward to working with you! Wendi  

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