Rising Women Speakers

This 6 month program is for women who are just starting their speaking business and need specific action steps that get RESULTS.

Next group starts Feb 15th - August 15th, 2019

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Rising Women Speakers Club 

This 6-month program is for women who want to start and build a successful, sustainable, self-supporting, speaking business. This is a program for women speakers to help one another achieve at levels that we know well-supported, informed and encouraged women of vision can.  

When you do the work and stay committed results can be extraordinary!

When building your speaking business, do you have any of these questions?

  • Where to start? 
  • How to start? 
  • How to get found? 
  • How to build your business platform? 
  •  If so, then exhale, because you are in the right place, at the right time.  

Wendi is launching her Rising Women Speakers 6-Month Program by the Charli Jane Group for women business builders just like you.  

women speakers

Do you feel:

Lost, going in circles, spending hard-earned dollars and only ending back up at square one, disheartened, confused as to where to start? 

Wendi can, and will, help you.  

She is the Founder & Owner of Charli Jane Speakers, where she’s been helping Speakers succeed at building their businesses since 2002. 

She’s been helping and coaching speakers to start and grow their online businesses using the same strategies she’s used in her own sustainable and successful business for 17+ years.  

Wendi is an expert and insider, and a creative online marketer, who has a passion for helping people like you get your dreams off the ground so you can get your business launched into reality – and oh, get paid while doing what you love!  

One time payment $1,879 

"A person can get very isolated trying to figure out things for themselves in this business. Wendi helps me focus on what’s most important. It is so rare to find any service provider these days who provides as much personal attention and professional TLC as Wendi does. She is prompt, dependable, wise, fun to talk to and I always know she has my best interests at heart.”  

-Kathleen A. Paris Ph.D. – Consultant, Distinguished, Emeritu – Office of Improvement – UW-Madison

“Under your coaching, I am feeling very focused and have been able to break my goals down into small steps. You have been a godsend! When I came to you I felt like I was going in a hundred different directions. With each small step taken I have gained confidence to go further. When I get excited about a step taken you get excited as well and that lets me know I’m headed in the right direction. Wendi, you have been great at listening to my ideas and helping me expand on them. Your compassion is uplifting, and it has been like chatting with an old friend. Thank you and bless you.”  

– Sandra L. Garth, Speaker, Trainer and Coach – © Fit Matters

Who is Rising Women Speakers for?

You would be a great fit if:

  • You’re just starting your speaking business & not sure how to set it all up 
  • You’re a re-entry speaker who needs to become current 
  • Your current speaking business has leveled off or stagnated or declined due to a poor (or non-existent) marketing plan 
  • You’re not sure how to market yourself or your speaking business in today’s world 
  • You’re coming out of your corporate job and want to start a speaking business 
  • You are disorganized and not sure how to dig yourself out 
  • You want to use social media and online marketing to help grow your speaking business and to promote your products, services, books and programs 
  • You understand the necessity & value of a strong online presence and a strong speaking platform but don’t know how to create and manage one 
  • You’ve got great ideas for your speaking business but just don’t know where to start 
  • You want to start on your speaking/coaching business, but you’re not sure what topic to pick or how to niche yourself to become a specialist 
  • You need accountability and coaching to make sure that you stay focused and on target – hey, who doesn’t?  

"Getting feedback from Wendi has been a game changer for me to better manage speaking/workshop opportunities. She is great at letting you know how to handle tough conversations as well as advising on key questions every speaker should ask and consider when evaluating opportunities. Wendi is responsive, genuine, and truly invested in helping her members succeed!” 

– Marietta Gentles Crawford – Writer, Personal Brand Strategist, Speaker, and Author 

Who is Rising Women Speakers not for?

  • You already have an established speaking business with a solid, strong pipeline and are majorly profitable 
  • You have a fully booked schedule  
  • You are not teachable 
  • You don’t like being held accountable to your goals 
  • You know everything already -:)  

14-Day Money Back Guarantee!! 

While we’ve put a lot of time, energy and expertise, plus love and care into the Rising Women Speakers Program, we know that not all programs are a perfect fit for all people. That’s why we have a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. This one will require a big commitment on your part, too. 

However, if, after 14 days in the program, you have done your best; completed the steps & assignments; engaged with the group & Wendi; and met the other program & refund requirements; and you still want a refund, we’ll provide that to you. All you’ll have to do is send us your work to show that you have actually done what was required, and we’ll refund your purchase price. Please read the full refund policy before signing up.

Here are some of the things you will learn, experience & do:

Wendi McNeill
  • You will learn to niche yourself and make sure that you are first working with your ideal audience in your best market. This is essential before moving forward.  
  • Wendi will teach you strategies on how to start and grow your spekaing business, including how to build a strong message, online presence and platform, so you can get found. She’ll not only tell you, she will show you
  • Whether you’re a coach, woman leaving the corporate world, dreamer, creative, college student, author, – and you want to start your speaking business – Wendi can help you turn that passion into a profitable business and help you get your message out to the world. 
  • You will learn how to set up your brand with a very clear identity and message. Then you’ll set up your social media to match your branding.  

  • We will have “hot-seat” audits for websites, videos, onesheets, topics, titles, social sites, branding, speeches, podcasts and marketing material and more. These friendly and focused videos and chats will allow you to learn what it takes to create outstanding marketing materials & tools. 
  • We will have our discussions in our private FB group so that you know you’re in the group with people sharing the same goals and questions. You’ll get to mind-hive with others and grow from there. 
  • All lessons, resources, links, tools, templates will be found in our FB group as we move along.  
  • We offer RWS a deep discount to our own copywriter/wordsmith who is absolutely magical! She can help you craft and polish your message to make sure what you publish is on-point, on-message and on-brand. Copy = sales and good copy is an art you can learn (or hire-out). 


“Wendi, your information, efficiency of dissemination and thorough coverage of what a speaker needs is impressive. Having worked directly with Wendi McNeill, I give her high recommendations. My kudos to you for the work that you have done to make this happen along with the team you lead!”  

– Monica L. Wofford, Nationally Acclaimed Speaker, Author, and Trainer 

Each Month Is A New Step ...

Each month is a new step. Each month you will move closer to a viable, strong speaking platform. 

One that will help you get booked, increase sales and get more clients.  

You need to start somewhere and you need to JUST start!

On a monthly basis you have access to Wendi and her teachings in a private community of like-minded women who are all trying to start a speaking business.  

Each month there will be a 1-3 steps you need to take, study, ask questions and take action. 

The study material will be in the community and released each month. 

The group will discuss, implement, brainstorm and put each step into action before moving forward.  

We will have hotseats and some fun giveaways too, after all Wendi LOVES to have fun!!  


Sounds like a lot, right?

It is, but we know if you’ve read this far, that you’ve already got what it takes to succeed – dedication and perseverance. 

Rest assured, we’ll have fun, too! 

Wendi LOVES to have fun! This is a safe place for women of all backgrounds, talents and abilities to feel comfortable, encouraged, loved and supported. Join us to learn, work, share, grow, encourage and be encouraged, motivate, implement, and enjoy accountability. We’re building a community of kindness in an overly completive world.

Go out there and compete – that’s great….but come here to get filled back up so you can do it with excellence.  

Ready to get started?  

Here are some things to remember before you join us:

  • You must be teachable and open-minded 
  • You must be a giver as well as a taker 
  • You must commit to stay actively involved  
  • You must be willing to see the bigger picture 
  • You must be open to feedback 
  • You must be gracious 
  • You will need to put forth what it takes to grow your speaking business – even when you’re tired, disillusioned, discouraged, and overworked. We feel your pain, Sister! You’ll turn to the group to help you with all of this. Be open to that idea and willing to tap into it.  
Rising Women Speakers
Wendi McNeill

Hi there. It's Wendi here!

If you’re feeling that nudge, hit that button and claim your spot now.  

Go ahead and invest in yourself, your speaking business and your future.  

I promise that if you show up, do the work and stay plugged in, you will be in a better place by the end of he program.

See you on the inside :)  

P.S. After the program is over and you still want support, strategies, and encouragment we will welcome you to our alumni group!


Wendi Rising Women Speakers By the Charli Jane Group  

"Working with Wendi in her coaching got me results that would have taken me forever to achieve. Not only is she extraordinary in helping me focus on my goals but gives incredible advice, tips, and direction. She is the perfect guide to help me take ACTION. If you need help growing your speaking business and building a stronger platform I highly recommend and encourage you getting in touch with Wendi, you will be glad you did!”

 – Chipo Shambare, Keynote Motivational Speaker, Healing Specialist

“Wendi can be counted on for precision, professionalism, and being on point. When I started working with Wendi I felt like I was caught in a maze, filled with overwhelm, and I simply wasn’t sure which actions to take first in regards to growing my business as a speaker. She gave me an easy plan to build my platform, is priceless with her help on my web copy, and did I mention she is enjoyable to work with too? Thanks, Wendi!"

– Brenda Adelman, Professional Speaker, Actress, Coach, Workshop Leader and Consultant

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