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THE INNER CIRCLE DOORS ARE CLOSED... but you can still join the Charli Jane Speaker Family!

Charli Jane Speaker’s Inner Circle 

To the point: The Inner Circle Membership is all about starting and building your successful, sustainable, self-supporting, speaking business.  

Have any of these questions? 

Where to start? How to start? How to get found? How to build your speaking platform? If so, then exhale, because you are in the right place, at the right time. Wendi is launching her Inner Circle Membership for new and re-entry speakers like you.  

Wendi can be counted on for precision, professionalism, and being on point. 

"When I started working with Wendi I felt like I was caught in a maze, filled with overwhelm, and I simply wasn’t sure which actions to take first in regards to growing my business as a speaker. She gave me an easy plan to build my platform and she is enjoyable to work with! Thanks, Wendi. I look forward to working with you for a long time.” – Brenda Adelman, Professional Speaker, Actress, Coach, Workshop Leader and Consultant  

Wendi gives without measure.

“In my dealings with professionals, I’ve never found anyone like her. Once you are her client, it’s “no holds barred” I have used Wendi as a coach for my speaking business for the last two months. And, I say without any reserve: She is exemplary at what she does. She is extremely knowledgeable in her area and shares so much information.” – Fred Firestone,  

Do you feel ...

Lost, going in circles, spending hard-earned dollars and only ending back up at square one, disheartened, confused as to where to start? 

Wendi can, and will, help you. She’s the Founder & Owner of Charli Jane Speakers, where she’s been helping Speakers succeed since 2002.

She’s been helping and coaching speakers to start and grow their businesses using the same strategies she’s used in her own sustainable and successful business for 16 years. Wendi is an industry expert and insider, and a creative online marketer, who has a passion for helping people like you get found so you can get your message heard – and oh, get paid while doing what you love.

Who is the Inner Circle for?

You would be a great fit if:

  • You’re just starting your business & not sure how to set it all up 
  • You’re a re-entry speaker who needs to become current 
  • You’re not sure how to market yourself as a speaker 
  • You’re coming out of your corporate job 
  • You’re already a Charli Jane Speakers Member, but you need the more one-on-one, in-depth training and access that this program provides 
  • You are disorganized and not sure how to dig yourself out 
  • You don’t understand how to leverage your time by putting a support team in place 
  • You want to use speaking to help grow your company
  • You want to use speaking to promote your products, books and programs 
  • You understand the necessity & value of a strong online presence, but don’t know how to create and manage one 
  • You need accountability and coaching to make sure that you stay focused and on target 
  • You have a burning message and the passion for speaking, but the nuts-n-bolts of the biz seem like a big mystery to you  

Achieving a booked speaking schedule awaits you!

Who is the Inner Circle not for? 

You already have an established speaking business with a solid, strong platform You have a fully booked schedule year after year You are not teachable You don’t like being held accountable to your goals You know everything already :)  

Wendi, your information, efficiency of dissemination and thorough coverage of what a speaker needs is impressive.

Having worked directly with Wendi McNeill, I give her high recommendations.

 My kudos to you for the work that you have done to make this happen along with the team you lead!” – Monica L. Wofford, Nationally Acclaimed Speaker, Author, and Trainer

 " Having been a client of Charli Jane Speakers and work directly with Wendi McNeill, I give her high recommendations. Wendi’s ability to provide quality information to individuals looking to break into or step up a level as professional speakers is unequaled.” – Tim Wright, Speaker, and Coach

Here are some of the things you will learn, experience & do:  

  • Wendi will teach you strategies on how to start and grow your business, including how to build a strong message, online presence and platform, so you can get found and booked. She’ll not only tell you, she will show you. Making sure you understand the topics will be a priority, as will be making sure you implement them in your business. You will be held accountable.  
  • Wendi will teach you how to create multiple streams of income for your business. How great would it be to move beyond solely relying on speaking fees!  
  • Wendi will discuss bi-weekly topics and on occassion have guest experts teach. One week is video training with the following week implementing what you learned and FB discussion on that topic.
  • We will have “hot-seat” audits for websites, onesheets, videos, and marketing material. These friendly and focused videos will allow you to learn in real-time what it takes to create outstanding marketing materials & tools.  
  • We will have our bi-weekly discussions in our private FB group so that you know you’re in the group with people sharing the same goals and questions. You’ll get to mind-hive with others and grow from there.  
  • All members will have access to the speaking lead database (200 + leads every month), so as you grow, you can research opportunities and start summiting proposals.  
  • You’ll learn best practices for following up on leads and building relationships with planners and other industry people.  
Public Speaking Training

What's the Inner Circle investment?

The monthly membership fee will be $97. However, if you join now, as a Founding Member of the Inner Circle, you can take advantage of our launch special at only $47 per month. 

Be a founding member

We are only offering the $47 per month to the first 50 people who sign up. 

We don't want to lose you

Of course, we wouldn’t want to lose you, but we understand you may want flexibility, so we do offer a no-questions asked cancellation policy. If you’re not happy with the program, simply cancel before your next month is billed. To be honest, we may ask what we could do better to help you, but we won’t pester you. Promise. 

Doors Are Now Closed!


After sign-up your membership will pend approval but DON’T WORRY it’s very rare I have to turn anyone away! :-)

If you’re feeling that nudge, hit that button and invest in yourself, your business and your future. We promise, that if you show up, do the work and stay plugged in, you will be in a better place in your career.

See you on the inside :) Hugs, Wendi Inner Circle Leader at Charli Jane Speakers

"Anyone who is serious about speaking should get in touch with Wendi McNeill. A person can get very isolated trying to figure out things for themselves in this business. Wendi helps me focus on what’s most important. It is so rare to find any service provider these days who provides as much personal attention and professional TLC as Wendi does. She is prompt, dependable, wise, fun to talk to and I always know she has my best interests at heart. I feel so lucky to be working with Wendi.” – Kathleen A. Paris Ph.D. – Consultant, Distinguished, Emeritu – Office of Improvement – UW-Madison"

Inner Circle | Brought to you by Wendi McNeill, Founder of Charli Jane Speakers